Inspired by the cracking success of last year’s event, the EGGSPRESSIONIST ART temporary exhibition is back with a whole new collection of artists and creations for the public to enjoy. A total of 15 artists whose talents are proudly crowed about both at home and abroad will be featured in this unique event.

Each of the contributors has hatched a compelling work of art using a giant egg as their canvas. A nod to the age-old ritual of painting eggs as a symbol of rebirth and new life, these works will be on display until June 18 in the Square, at Quartier DIX30. Three of these eggs-traordinary pieces will be auctioned off for charity, with proceeds going to The Véro & Louis Foundation


Véro & Louis Foundation

Our mission is to build and operate one or more homes that can accommodate and provide support, on a permanent basis, to persons aged 21 and over with autism spectrum disorder. The Foundation’s decision to only help people aged 21 and over was motivated by the realization that services offered to them are almost non-existent. Many of the services available to children with pervasive developmental disorders seem to diminish or disappear altogether when these children reach adulthood. In this way, the Foundation aims to fill a significant gap in our society.