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EGGSPRESSIONIST ART – Original artwork by Steven Spazuk
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Product Description

Original artwork by Steven Spazuk
90cm X 55cm X 55cm


Since 2001, Steven Spazuk has been pushing back the limits of a unique technique known as fumage. His paintbrush? The flame of a candle, which he moves over a piece of cardboard in order to create a sooty buildup. Then, using feathers, styluses and scrapers, he etches a painting from the soot to reveal shapes and light. He absorbs what’s most human at the heart of people to create portraits of significant individuals. Spazuk expresses himself on the fragile nature of the life of species that share our living space, with an “extra-special” focus on birds.

Spazuk has been part of various shows and performances in New York, Milan, Toronto, Berlin, Florence and even as far as Stavanger, Norway, and Japan. Video documentaries on his work, notably The Reverence project, have been seen by millions across the world. He is also at the heart of one Amnesty International Europe’s latest campaigns.

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